What is it about me?

I'm 37, I have two beautiful children, they are 18 and 14. I'm a part time employee and I'm a part time student. I decided to go back to school when the kids got older. But, my personal life sucks right now. All my girl friends are married and a few are in to things that I'm not. So, I stay to myself most of the time.

Many people say I'm so pretty and they wonder why I'm single. I'm single cause I'm very cautious about who I spend my time with. But guys look at me all the time but never say a thing and the guys that I am interested in don't like me for what ever reason. Guys say I'm the perfect 10 but they never ask me out. One guy said cause I'm so pretty guys tend to think I'm too much work. I'm the coolest girl I guy could ever have. But I'm never asked out on a date. Why?


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  • That caution can easily be misread as aloofness (believe me, I know). If you are breathtakingly attractive, most people will assume you are already otherwise occupied and avoid getting shot down (lots of people are damn tired of it by 40).

    What can you do? Be approachable. Talk to people, start conversations and respond to people. I have discovered that looks are secondary to someone who can make you feel at ease in conversation.


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  • You have said it yourself that you are cautious. You are putting out a vibe that tells people to step off or to not stick around. You say cautious but guys can interpret it as stuck up, snobby, mean, attitude prone, or whatever. Basically, no fun. Guys like to feel like their girl is also their friend and just from what you have written, I don't get that care free friend vibe from you at all.

    I'm not saying that you have to be without worries but it's how those worries affect you that reverberates to others. The majority of guys don't want to dig deep right out the gate to find some sort of comradery with you. But, if you show them a hit of your inner happy, they will flock to you.