My first date plan:

I'm a 16 year old guy planning on asking out a 15 year old girl. I cannot drive yet. So here is my plan.

1) Pick her up or meet her at the movie plaza

2) Buy tickets for a later time (8 at night-ish)

3) Go to chipotle (she's never gone)

4) Leave chipotle before the movie starts

5) Maybe buy refreshments?

6) Watch the movie

7) Go outside onto the plaza and sit under the stars

8) Wait for my parent to come pick us up

Can you girls tell me if this sounds like a good date? Also what do you think about guys who need their parents to transport you place to place?


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  • I think that sounds great! And having your parents drive you is nothing, if you can't drive yet it's not your fault :)

    good luck! :) <3


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  • I think that's really cute =) Of course all girls would rather have the guy to drive us places, but since you are young, it's fine!

  • sounds like a great plan to me :) and there's absolutely nothng wrong with your parents driving you

  • It sounds good. it doesn't matter that you need your parents to drive. we've all been there


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