I text her "I miss you, I really do" and she doesn't text back.

I haven't called this girl for like a month, but we've been texting back and forth every few days. We're totally into each other but the timing isn't right for right now and that's why were not together. After talking to each other for 10 mins and hanging up. I text her "I miss u, I really do" and she hasn't text back. Is she just playing hard to get? Letting me think about if she misses me back? Do girls do this on purpose?


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  • I believe you are overreacting. If she hasn't talked to you for more than a week, then you should be concerned. Do girls play hard to get? Yes, they do because they do not want to come off as desperate. Give her some space as well because you don't want to sound too desperate either, and you do not want to smother her.

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