What's with the work relationship?

Okay, I know work relationships are "messy" and stuff. but my manager at work has me wondering what exactly our relationship is.

My job allows workplace dating, another manager of mine actually came up to me and let me know that I could go for whoever I wanted and that it was allowed. So, with that in mind.I begin. When I first came in for my interview at said workplace, I met him and he interviewed me for a little bit and asked me ridiculously funny questions that had nothing to do with my job. He gave me a pretty good hourly wage and I've realized now that I make more than the others who are much older than me and have had experience. Jump to a month or so I've been working there, I start having interest in one of the servers at my job and I take him home after work a few times, we hit it off great. I tried to put my manager on the backburner cause he is my boss technically but the more I hang out with my server friend, my manager starts being really STRICT on him.like not letting him and I leave till 3am.writing us up.not letting us go on breaks together, etc. My server friend ended up quitting and my manager became more and more closer to me. There are 5 managers in the whole restaurant, he's the only one who is ALWAYS working with me. I'm nothing close to a manager at my job but he's always talking to me, staring at me, having me run errands for him.We get a half off discount on food at work and sometimes he gives me 100% or makes me not pay. It's too weird. Whenever I see him, he's already staring straight at me. He's always poking fun at me, purposely makes sure to touch me, etc. Also, he just recently got promoted and isn't suppose to be in so often anymore.but he works in the mornings when I open almost everyday. We also started wearing these ear pieces to talk to each other on because its been getting busy, anywho, only him and I wear it and he's always asking me if I'm alright and just being unprofessional. lol. He also use to work at this club/venue that a lot of good bands go to and he told me that whenever I wanted to see anyone, he could get me in for free and VIP. Supposedly he's married but I've never heard him talk about his wife nor seen her. Usually the managers who are married bring in their wives for dinner almost nightly but I've never seen anyone with him. He's in the restaurant way too much to have a wife or a family at all, honestly. He went on a trip to Ohio, as soon as his plane landed he was back in the restaurant and it was Mother's Day. I'm sure he had better things to be doing.

I'm just wondering, am I overthinking things? What do you think is going on?

also, I forgot to add that he called me at work just to tell me "hi" supposedly.and when I called him out on it, he said he wanted another co-workers number and said that he "wasn't going to ask her out" and not to worry about it.


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  • i definitely don't know anything about workplace relationships, but from what I can tell, he does look like he likes you.


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  • At least you're getting the flirting. I like my manager, and I think he's completely oblivious, or doesn't care. It does sound like he likes you. Ask him about his wife. Because, I do agree with you. If he's married, he'll talk about her or bring her up or she'd even call sometimes. If you like him back, take him up on his offer to go to the club. He could just really like his job, like my manager, but he would still need some time to himself. That's about all the "advice" I can give you. Like I said, I'm in the same situation. Good Luck!