Does she really want to hang out with me?

Me and this girl were texting today and I decided to ask her to the movies but by the way she was talking I can't decide I she's serious I don't think she is some of the conversation...

Me:what you drink or smoke

her: I drink a little bit

me:we Should party Lls. You talk to anybody these days?

her:just Maria

me:true. We should hang out one day soon


me:what you wanna do?

her:don't know

me:get something to eat? See a movie?

her:don't care

me:let's see a movie

her:what's out?

Me:nightmare on elm street death at a funeral , iron man

her:either nightmare or death at a funeral

me:nightmare I guess


Me:when you wanna go?

Her:unnoticed yet I'm really busy with work and I leave for vacation soon

me:well it's up to you

her:I'll let you know

me:that's straight


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  • She likes you, but she isn't crazy about you. Keep talking to her, but just like a friend, I think... Maybe later...


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