What age should people start to date?

is there a good age to start dating and is there an age where people should not date?

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  • ok, I lost my V-card at 15. and I don't think I "dated" a girl until I was at least 17. so what are we really getting at here.

    are we trying to prevent something? all dating is is a label. you are more likely to get your kid to do the right thing by instilling values and the tools to make the right decisions then saying "no you can't date anyone"

    teenagers are people too and have the same natural urges adults have. and by putting up a label on something like "dating"(lets face it, the word we are looking for here is SEX) you are going to get one of 2 reactions, either they will completely rebel or they will do what I did. go find a girl, hook up, and when I get home say "no mom of course I'm not dating anyone"

    well I wasn't "dating" now was I

    moral of story: raise your kids right and whatever happens, at what ever are happens, things will turn out ok


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What Girls Said 2

  • Dating at 15 is a healthy thing, but they have to be somewhat controlled as not to let it get too far at this age.

    It's dating. maybe even boyfriend/girlfriend but it is NOT LOVE as so many try to go therre!

    There is no hurry to get totally involved with one person!

  • well I started "going out" with guys in 6th grade so I was 11 but I didn't start going on dates until 9th grade so 14. Honestly I think that you should go on a date until you are in high school but just being boyfriend/girlfriend then I think that 11-12 is a good age.


What Guys Said 1

  • I would say 15 or above

    but that's just because I started dating when I was 15 =)

    but nothing under 15. seriously.

    but for girls I'd say nothing under 14 (because usually guys date girls one year younger, or can)