Why would a guy go 4 days without texting?

Him and I have recently got back in touch because he missed me. So, he was the last person to text but i didn't respond because it was late. He wrote "Thank You (:" i didn't think that needed a response. But he didn't text me the next morning like he usually does. I dont wanna text him first because i dont wanna get attatched or have this turn into us texting nonstop because that will lead to bad issues again. Do you think he misses me? I mean he is the one who wanted to talk to me and start over. What do you think? I kinda wanna just keep my distance, im not playing games. Im just protecting myself.
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I had a really bad dream about him last night. I feel like I've given him enough time to straightwn out his act and change the way he treats me. I just dont see any good to come from this since i always end up hurt.
Why would a guy go 4 days without texting?
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