Boy just canceled our 3rd date, which was supposed to be on Saturday. Is he "just not that into me?"

I met P about 3 months ago online. We both have crazy jobs and work/travel a lot, so we've only seen each other twice in that time. We email back and forth every couple of days. We have a lot in common in terms of backgrounds and interests, so it's been pretty easy to keep communication going even without seeing each other.

We were supposed to get together for our 3rd date this Saturday, but he emailed me last night, "Bad news I don't think I can do anything on Saturday unfortunately. I spoke too soon! My Dad is having people over including these family friends I haven't seen in a while and what not. Unfortunately I think it'll be an all late afternoon/evening type thing. He claims he told me about it but I'm blaming old age. What are you doing early next week?"

How do I respond? Is he being a good son, or should I be filing this one aways as "just not that into me?"

I should mention that we are both 30, never married, and that I don't fall in love very often, but I really feel an attraction to this guy.


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  • It sounds like he is really sincere. Especially since he tired to make up for it by seeing if you were available earlier that week. he's making an effort to see you, that's definitely a good thing.

  • He's into you, if he wasn't he wouldn't have asked you what you were doing next week. If this was just an excuse, he would have just stopped at I can't make it.

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