Bros over hoes?

The guy I'm dating goes to school kinda far away. He is home for the weekend and all of his friends want to see him, along with me. We wanted to lay out and go swimming today, but he keeps putting it off til later. I know we will hang out later, but that's only because his friends all have to work tonight. Is this him prioritizing, or is it him just trying to make it work and see everyone while he's here?


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  • While it's frustrating that you had this all planned out; I really don't see anything wrong with this situation... Here's why:

    1) "He's home for the weekend"

    - Today isn't the only day that you can layout and swim with him

    2) Swimming isn't building on your relationship, being together is.

    - Rather than instantly considering yourself excluded, try to ask him if you can tag along

    3) He's still aloting time for you guys to hang out later

    - It shows he's still considerate of you wanting to hang out

    So as you can see- Men AND women are often unaware of these little things that keep us sane, but the problem being is that we often overvalue the situation where we start to assume things.

    Take a deep breather and hang out with him and his friends now- then later you can have him all to yourself. Who says you can't "night swim" ;)?

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • If they have to work tonight he is prioritizing to make sure he gets to see everyone. I take it you are probably not busy later and that is likely the time he's laid out for you.

    • Right, I'm not ...we just had plans to lay out and swim which can only happen during the day

    • In his situation, I would probably do the same thing. By him spending the afternoon with you he wouldn't get to see his other friends, in which case he would either be spending tonight doing nothing or with you. Either way if he didn't get to see his friends because you two had made plans with you, his guy friends would find that incredibly lame and would probably have somethign to say about it

  • you know what? If you wanna be the cool gf, give the guy his space... If he actually realises how cool you are, he'll love you more. It's also a sign that you're not overly needy, and you're very independant. Also, he'll probably come to his senses and realise he'd much spend more time with you.

  • Well from my experience my friend will always have a big place in my life...almost the same as a girlfriend. Girl come and go...friend always there for you when a love relation end.

    It's to find a balance between time with friends and time with girls...not always to him about your concern.


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  • I think he is just trying to figure out how to make it all work while he's there. Sounds like he came up with a good plan. I wouldn't worry about it. It's great to see your guy after he has had "man time" because they are all ready for the energy they get from you, that they cannot get from their friends, well, typically.

  • I will ALWAYS put my friends first.

    Though, that's probably stupid of me because my friends are complete jackasses.

    Anyway, it's probably a bit of both. He's prioritizing but, he's stil trying to make it work, it just happens to be prioritized.

    If that makes ANY sense at all.

    • Yeah, and I do understand to some extent because I usually put my girls before my boys too. I'm just kinda mad and I prob shouldnt be. I believe in picking your battles.

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