Can your past ruin your future?

I admit i was a type of a girl who used to flirt a lot and date a lot of guys but I never felt strong for any guy.
Then I met this "dream guy" in my university and I got attracted to him instantly but the Mistake I did was - I did not stop dating other guys as soon as I saw him, so after 1 month he approached me but I said No but he knew I like him and I blow off all other guys for this "dream guy".

But I think he somehow got to find out maybe through his friends that I was hanging around with other guys earlier, and now he does'nt value me much , although im ready to be loyal to him but he still doesn't trust me.

What should I do?
Yes its true , your past can ruin your future.
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As soon as you set your eyes on this guy, you should have stopped hanging out with other guys immediately.
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He has no right to lurk into your past, when he approached you after that you blow off other guys so you did the right thing, he is just stupid. Let him go.
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Can your past ruin your future?
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