Girl who I'm dating wanted to be alone with me after we met some other friends. Why?

So I know this girl for about 3 weeks and here's the thing... We went out for ice skating, also some other friends joined. At the end people were asking who goes where and in front of me, she lied to them that we go in another direction, and literally told me secretly that she wants to go alone with me to some other place, without them joining. What does this mean? Some people joined us anyway on our way there and again she told them that we go somewhere else, and asked me to do something about it. She really wanted to get rid of them at that moment. Would she do this, if she only saw me as a friend? Anyway I think this girl is into me, but would a girl do something like that to be with a guy she considers just a friend? Any girl can help me to understand?


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  • she's dating you so why would she see you as just a friend?

    • I don't know, we haven't expressed any feelings yet to each other so far. We were on a walk in the park (she invited), tea, ice skating, dinner. I don't know if she understands these as dating (I do), or just hanging out?

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  • Good question


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