Should I call or wait till she calls?

I just recently went on a date/hangout (we didn't specify) with a friend. We communicated smoothly during the car ride (she did text a little bit though) and pretty much the whole date. I think we had a good time. So a few hours after I got back home, I sent her a text telling her that I good time with her and I hope she had a good time too. I also added that whenever she was free again it would nice if I could take her out again and spend more time with her again. She responded, thank you for all the fun activities that we did and that she had a great time too. She didn't respond to the second invite. Soooo, should I just wait for a while and then initiate again or just wait until she initiates contact again period... and if she doesn't just let it go.


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  • Give it a shot. She might be shy about contacting you first, or doesn't want to come off as desperate. Besides, if you wait for her to make the move and she doesn't, you will be back at square one anyhow. Give it a shot!

    • I thought about that. She is pretty busy at work, so I thought maybe wait a few days to a week, then contact her if I don't hear from her.

    • That sounds like a good plan. Good luck!

    • Thank you. 😊

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