Am I just overreacting or is there something bothering my boyfriend?

So I get anxiety about my relationship. But when I do I'm just overreacting and there is nothing wrong. But I have a gut feeling that something is wrong. My boyfriend is leaving with his family to his home town for vacation for about a month or so. I just have this anxiety that he is distancing himself. He's been working and having to pack lots and deal with the move so I completely understand that he doesn't need to text me cause he has to deal with all that. When we have the chance to meet up, it seems the same, like nothing odd but deep DOWN I feel something is wrong. Like something is bothering him but he doesn't wanna say it or won't say it until he has to leave for his vacation so he doesn't have to deal with me. He asked me a month ago if I could take care of some of his stuff then all of the sudden a few days ago he was like I dont wanna carry that stuff over to your place (he doesn't drive), I'm just gonna take it to my friends. Plus he doesn't text me as much anymore. I mean he's fairly busy on days so Im not gonna complain but even when he has an off day. Im just concerned.

Plus I'm just concerned he's gonna wait till the day he has to leave and call things off. Like he's just slowly backing away from me until that day.


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  • I would be concerned too. Have you tried talking about it?

    • I know if I talk about it, it will just go downhill and turn into a fight. I wanna wait till there is a big sign that there is something up.

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    • about a year now

    • So a good bit. I find it concerning that he doesn't want to store his stuff with you, that probably sticks out most to me.

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