If one person is sexually interested and the other is not... are they on a date?

This happens all of the time, right? A man and a woman socialize in public together. Once of them is sexually curious or interested in the other, while the object of sexual curiosity has no interest in the first person except perhaps as a friend. In that situation, would you call that a "date?"

  • Yes, that's definitely a date. You only need to have one person sexually curious or interested in the other for it to count as a date. It is only NOT a date if NEITHER person is sexually interested.
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  • No, that's not a date. For it to qualify as a date, both people MUST understand from the outset it is about exploring sexual interest in each other.
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  • It could be a date. Depends, and I will explain how in the comments.
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  • What does everyone else say? I don't know, show me the poll results.
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A few of the comments have stated that "socializing in public" is not a "date." A date is a kind of social interaction. When I wrote the question, it was with the understanding that socializing in public could be a date... or not. It could go either way.

Since GAG won't let me re-write the question to change this wording, please take it for granted that if you see a man and a woman talking to each other in a public place, they might either be on a date or they might not. Right?


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  • "socialising in public" is not a date. The two people decide whether or not it's a date prior to the "date" sexual interest has nothing to do with it

    • If sexual interest has nothing to do with it, what's the difference between a date and two people of the opposite gender hanging out as friends?

    • romantic interest.

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  • If you are socializing in public it's just that, no way is it a date. If I stop on the street and socialize with someone would that put me in that scenario... no.


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