Can a Long Distance Relationship Work? Is It Worth Trying?

I met a girl online, and we get on really well. We are interested in similar stuff, so we get each other, but have enough unique interests that we aren't boring.
We have both said that if we lived closer, we would at least try dating, and we are considering meeting up anyway. Neither of us can drive, so it's an hour on the coach or a train between us. This is also quite expensive (£10-15 GBP).
I really like her and it hurts to let her go, but I've heard bad things about long distance relationships, and the longer we leave it to decide what to do, the further apart we seem to become.
Is it worth trying? Does anyone have experience in a successful long (or medium I guess) distance relationship? #help


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  • I think it depends on what your goal here is and what you are comfortable with.
    I had a long distant relationship once that worked really well for me because I actually like having my weekdays to myself and I enjoy my own company and then we would meet up most weekends, at a point we didn't meet for a month and that worked out well for me too. Our relationship ended, but that was because it didn't work for him and he was constantly worried that I would find someone else and cheat on him. I never did, but it was eating away at him so TRUST is really important in these types of relationships.
    ALSO.. Its different if you plan on changing it in the future or not. You need to think about your willingness to move if this works out (or hers).

    • thanks for your advice and experience! I think your point about trust is very valid and we will 100% talk about that. my big problem is that I just don't want to feel pressured to spend an awful lot of money in order to frequently see my girlfriend

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    • Im glad I could help. (I am by the way sorry about my typos, I'm tired, just read my message back and went WTF). Anyway, she should understand that traveling will eat at a monthly budget so she should be happy with it as well so yeah, save one place and spend it on travel instead. Also, me and my ex would split the traveling expenses even though he came to mine most of the time, I would pay half and he would do the same if I traveled to him.

    • yeah I think we are planning on splitting expenses

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  • I'm in a long distance relationship. My perk is I've known this girl for a long time, we went to school together, and we both have the means to see each other. Now with you, meeting online, it's a bit tougher.

  • That converts to $12 to $18. Thats not that expensive. Mewt her first and see. If you both have that connection try it out. It will work if yiu try if you make plans to live in the same city in the near future. Not in 4 years or whatever.

    • Yeah it's not that much as a one off, but if we're meeting up twice a week, say, it really stacks up. I'm not well paid. Thanks for advice about living near each other in the future, that's not something I'd thought about yet

    • Well you'd definitely have to work things out as far as visiting. You'll probably be too busy to visit twice a week. One time you go to her for the weekend and next she'll come to you down the road. Just meet her and see what happens. Thats were relationships online long distance fail to me. They meet great people but they just can't wait around and they loose interest.

    • we've waited almost 11 months, it just gets harder and harder to wait every passing week. thanks for advice tho

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