Asexual Guy needs help to get a girls attention?

so long story short. I identify as ace (asexual). I struggle to connect with women and have difficulty in forming lasting relationships. I don't find someone attractive until I've met them and spent time with them and even then the attraction is never sexual.

so.. there is this woman and she blows my mind. kind sweet funny empathetic spiritual.

she knows how I feel about her n that I'm ace and the idea of being with me only seems to entertain her and she won't seem to entertain it. currently in the friend zone as usual. please let me know if there is anything I could/ should do to get her attention or just resign myself to fate?


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  • I don't know much about asexual relationships but my guess is that if she really only friendzoned you because of that fact, you gotta compromise. Compromises occur in all healthy relationships. In your case, it just happens to be a sexual compromise. If getting down and dirty (I sound like a dad) makes her happy, try your best once you get to that stage.
    If she friendzoned you for other reasons (which is totally possible) that's a different story. And I honestly would consider this as a possibility.

    • thanks. all things are possible. its likely I am friendzoned continually for all manner of reasons thus adding to my insecurities and keeping me continually friendzoned thus completing the circle of life. my experience with asexuality is such that I don't feel sexual attraction.

    • Yeah I have this doubt that it's got anything to do with your asexuality. Even if you're asexual, if your personality is attractive and a woman is attracted to you in general, your sexuality won't stop her. You mentioned insecurity - that probably has more to do with it than your asexuality

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