Is it a good idea to have "crazy tests" for potential dating partners (more info in details)?

Crazy tests are ways of checking if the person you're interested in is insane. These are the cases where they can appear completely normal and it's not so obvious unless you're around them long enough to see it.

For instance:

Somehow get on a topic about something mystical and see if they start talking about it likes it's real. Topics , like mermaids, sorcerers, aluminati, psychic abilities, etc.

there's been noticeable amount of cases where someone can appear completely normal until these subjects come up, you hear how they're talking about it and you find out their crazy.

Also somehow check to see how they respond when their mad. If they appear to act like a crazy person when mad then you found out before it was too late.

Sometimes just don't text them back for a while to see how they respond. If they start furiously or worrying double triple texting you why you aren't texting back you know something's off.

There can be more tests.
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  • Yeah, I always make potential BF's take the ACT and SAT before dating me.

  • yeah this is all a part in getting to know someone and evaluating their character before u get too involved


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