How to choose between two amazing guys?

I have never been in a situation like this before and its kinda a messed up situation

I originally liked this guy and I thought he liked me back but then he seemed to not too have those feelings. After this I decided it would be better if we were just friends instead of saying something because I didn't want to loose him. We are extremely compatable and seem to be able to talk about anything to one another. We also butt heads often, but almost immediately get over it

Later I began to talk to this other guy. We ended up going on a couple dates but I wasn't sure whether or not he actually liked me back because he's kinda reserved and shy. I wasn't even sure if I wanted to continue the relationship. In my dilemma with him I asked Guy 1 for advice (Btw, they know each other) He told me to tell Guy 2 how I felt and ensure that Guy 2 knew that I liked him. I asked Guy 1 not to say anything but unfortunately he didn't listen

Guy 1 later told me he talked to Guy 2, asking him if he liked me, Guy 2 confirmed, then Guy 1 gave him relationship advice for getting me. This made me again excited to continue my relationship with Guy 2 to see where it went

Later that same night Guy 1 messages me and told me that while we were talking today he got the courage to finally tell me how he feels. He in fact does like me. Now Im stuck in the middle.

Guy 2 is loyal, respectful, courteous, and I know my parent's would like him. Guy 2 is spontaneous, sometimes argumental, social, and caring. Guy 2 is known for making bad decisions, but having an amazing time, while Guy 1 is a good boy who follows the rules quietly

Im still young and I have a future ahead of me, so Im probably not looking for a forever relationship, but also not something meaningless. The idea to be with Guy 1 and live so much more and exciting and perhaps not knowing really what to expect sounds amazing. However, Guy 2 I know would treat me with respect and we would too have a good relationship

I dont know what to do!
Also, I have known Guy 1 much longer and we have a closer relationship that I have of Guy 2. Guy 1 knowns me better, and I really don't want to loose him. I don't want to loose Guy 2 either, or hurt his feelings.

I also don't understand why Guy 1 did what he did between my relationship and Guy 2.


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  • go with the one you liked second, if you liked the first one enough, then you wouldn't of liked the second one


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  • do eenie meenie miney mo


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