How can I get this guy to stop messaging so much?

I gave this guy my number through an app I met him on and specifically told him that I look for friends. He said its fine. Anyway he keeps messaging me every minute of the day, even when I dont reply back. I asked him does he like me and said no but finds me attractive and interesting.
He always messages me good morning and sweet dreams and its starting to get annoying. I don't know if he likes me but sometimes insists I should stay at his house for dinner or that we should meet up. He told me he has not many friends and lives alone

What should I do?


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  • He sounds insane. Like there's something wrong with his head. If I were you, I would start responding with random shit. In fact I'd catfish him but be so silly and obvious about it that there's just no reason to talk to you anymore.


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  • He obviously likes you.. that's why he's texting a lot. Just tell him he's coming on a bit stronge and he needs to tone it down a bit.


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  • Even being a loner myself I never spam text others. That's just pathetic of him. You don't owe him anything so by all means block him. He brought it on himself.

  • I mean if you're really only looking for friends, stop handing out your number. And if you don't really care to date this guy, keep shutting him down (in a nice way) and he'll eventually understand.

    • And yes, he does like you

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    • Haha yeah I feel you :p like I said, don't give out your number so easily 😂 good luck :)

    • Too nice for my own good 😂 Thanks though!

  • he likes you just too much of a pussy to admit it

    • He told me he had his heart broken before so makes sense lol
      Im just getting annoyed because he gets annoyed at me for not replying back quick enough lol

    • thats why I hate texting lol, I would much rather call and get it all out of the way.

  • Tell him that u are not intrested and stop texting u


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