My ex blocked me because she thought I went back to my ex? Help?

So my latest ex and i broke up mutually because i was moving away for work. Then during the break up she took me off all her socials because she thought i went back to my ex, I'm thinking she saw a photo of us hanging out. Which we did for a friends party thats all, nothing more happened, but my past ex did try on facebook to make it out we were back when really i have no feelings for her but the last girl i dated. I still have feelings for my latest ex and not my past ex. Im devastated she blocked me. Im guessing I've hurt her and im upset. Its been 7months and next month ill be returning to her town for work, being at her workplace 2 times a month. I miss her, what should i do. I want her back.
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  • General rule of thumb. If life circumstances is the only reason for a breakup, then 99% of the time you still have a chance. Maybe the idea of you with your ex upset her. Who knows. You can't read her mind. She could have blocked you for her own sanity. You being back will likely cause some emotions to stirup in her. Just talk to her in person and don't bring up the social media thing.

    • Should i wait until she bumps into me at work? Im nervous as hell to go up to her, she did email me and told me that 'i deserve to be happy and she still cares about me and always will' and then gave me best wishes. Ugh im so lost dude

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    • Then she's moved on and your situation stays what it is now. You stand to gain far more than you stand to lose.

    • Hope whatever you decided on went well : )

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