Guys (& maybe girls.) would you say people are too quick to pass judgment when it comes to online dating sites?

now see I signed up to a few online dating sites, not gonna lie, it's cuz I'm kind of shy but I also really wanted to see what their all about. I've found that you have to stand out big time in order to get a girl to give you her number and/or meet up with you. I know the statistics as a guy, so that means every line you've said they've probably already herd like 40 times that same day. (That also makes it harder for women to choose the right dudes.) I also believe a lot of the women are very dismissive and too quick to pass judgment. A lot of the ladies say hi back when I initiate a conversation but as soon as I began asking about their personal life such as hobbies and things they like doing for fun or places they work, they go silent and stop talking lol!.😅 It's almost to the point where you have to be sexy like a model or your wasting your time (not all women are like that on dating sites but honestly the majority of them are.) it makes me assume every dating site is more or less promoting the idea of a ((quick hookup)), not really
((find my partner)) type thing. I've looked at the success stories on some of the sites and most of the couples are older mature people who aren't very good looking. They all seem very happy and their love seems legitimate. No one my age, (30 or younger) has any success stories... lol. I'm not sure how it is for the ladies but this was the affect I experienced as a guy and I'm sure many other guys can relate. I don't know how it is for the girls though so I ask you again,

guys/girls, do you feel some of the women & men are too quick to pass judgment on dating sites? Feels like walking on a car lot or somthin trying to find the coolest car to buy lol!

  • Yes people are quick to pass judgment & dismiss on dating sites
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  • No people are usually genuine & take time to get to know eachother on dating sites
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  • I've never been on a dating site
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  • Dating sites are for losers and scarey people
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  • I have no patience for online dating, takes too long to finally meet up lol
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  • Yeah they are


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