How do I get a girlfriend?

Need any and all info on this. assume I've never had a girlfriend. step by step would be nice. As well as tips tricks and life pro tips.


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  • Are you confident enough to ask a girl out? If so, ask out a girl you like. Go for it! If she doesn't want to, so what? there are a lot of other girls in this world. If you won't do it, you won't know it. So be confident, don't be rude, take care of yourself, if you are funny it's a plus.


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  • Walk up and say girl, you wanna be my friend 😎

    • zomg. teach me senpia. holyness has spoken.

    • Be witty. Make them laugh. Be an easy person to talk to. But most of all be yourself

    • Can you go in to detail and give example so please

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