Are these signs he likes me? Or we're just really close friends?

When our mutual friend asked if we were going to participate in this one Valentines event, he quickly glanced at me and said "I don't know".

He keeps sitting by me. So when we have lunch I usually get there first so I get to choose the table. The table usually have 6 seats. He comes second and he sits right next to me. There 5 other seats he could've chose.

He keeps suggesting we hang out. So I finally said yes he got so excited. (We joke about this all the time)
Him: I'll be over there around 6. You down?
Me: (*laughs* maybe I should say yes to see his reaction) sure why not
Him: (smiling) Wait are you serious?
Me: No, I was kidding. Not with you shoo
Him: *laughs* dam, gonna have me waiting and shit.
Both laugh.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • That's a like you if I ever heard of one.

    • It's official, he have a girlfriend

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    • No he just recently got a girlfriend. Not me. Now I can rest my head. Maybe we're just good friends, he's always sitting/standing next to me but maybe he's just more comfortable

    • It happens that way some times. But no doubt he likes you though and that's a good sign.

Most Helpful Girl

  • he likes you


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What Guys Said 1

  • sounds like he likes you

    • He just yesterday mentioned his girlfriend lol
      I guess he's just friendly

    • relationships last forever, just remain flirty with him and maybe he'll break up with her someday

What Girls Said 1

  • Nope they aren't