How quick to move in a new relationship?

I've met this guy and I really like him and I know he also likes me.

We live in two different countries, but it is not really an issue and we're both open to what the future brings.

We met first time in person where we went out maybe 6 times or so in little under 2 weeks. Now we call and text. We are soon meeting again. In this time we will have known eachother about 2 months in total.

To my questions. How quick do people normally move? We have not kissed or anything yet and I want to wait with sex to there is a strong commitment (engagement, marriage) But in general when do you kiss the first time, hold eachother, sleep together, move in together, saying i love you, etc.

I know there isn't any magical recipe i am just interested in your experiences because i only ever ad one relationship before where things went way to quickly, i am out of training on how to do this.
Thanks but that is the thing my insticts wants to do everything and has no boundaries, haha. :-) this time around i want to think it through little better and i am just interested in hearing how other people do.


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  • just go with the flow I would say.

  • just go with your gut and instincts


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