Guys, questions and cute texts for him?

What are some questions to see if you are compatible, conversation starter and text you can send to a guy you are dating?


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  • first is if you want this to be a serious relationship. if so, figure out what issues are important to you. if you're looking for a serious relationship, then you'll want to talk about kids and martial roles/expectations at some point. if you aren't long got a serious relationship and you're just playing around you basically just need to make sure he is a good boyfriend. so you need to ascertain his loyalty, commitment, how independent he is, how independent he wants (or doesn't) want you to be, and if he's looking for a serious relationship.
    depending on how much you two talk and how avid your friends are, you might want to find out his views on political issues that are most important to you. but only the ones that are also moral issues. don't get bent out of sorts because you disagree on some far away issue that isn't about morality it doesn't directly affect you lol.
    and keep in mind you'll need to decide which issues are make it break. not every disagreement is something you should leave your partner for. you'll never agree with anyone on everything. so focus on the issues that you know are the truly important ones. once you know these issues, the questions come easy enough.

  • Questions to see if your compatible would be just asking about things that interest you. Conversation starters I try not to open with a question. More so a statement.
    It makes it more fun and personable rather than feeling like your grilled with questions.

    For instance, what kind of movies do you like? That's boring

    I would say something along the lines of "I just saw that new ----- movie omg it's so awesome." Then lead into a question of some sort. It gives a person more to work with to have a conversation


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