How to move on?

I've been talking to this guy over a month, we danced and I got really attached to him. He liked me, but suddenly stopped snapchatting. He's obviously no longer interested, the dance is tomorrow and he's probably going to be there. Should I go? I'm seriously so sad, I've been crying over it cause it hurt me very much. What do I do? Did he lead me on? Because he met this girl out there and the week I didn't go, she ditched him (from what he says) so I'm kinda thinking he was using me to make her jealous? But some red flags were •He always talked about the future with me and we barely new each other• •He never called me or tried too•


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  • Just because he stopped snapchatting doesn't necessarily mean he's no longer interested. But ask yourself why you like him. You said that there are some red flags pertaining to him. Would it be good for you to pursue him? Does he have good qualities (not just physical) that you want in a person?

    If the answers to these questions are yes, ask him if he wants to go to the dance with you. If he says no, then at least you'll know that he's not interested and it'll help you move on to someone better.

    • The thing is, I deleted him off of Snapchat. Whenever I posted a story on there, he was one of the firsts to look at it. Also, he was snapchatting other people because of the points on his profile.

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    • Is it wrong that I did that?

    • He definitely is no longer interested, he wasn't out at the dance. But you know what, I'm no longer sad anymore. It just shows me what kind of guy he is and I don't want to play those stupid games. Do you think he felt bad for what he did?

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  • Yes, you should go no matter what.


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