What does it mean when a guy asks if you still have feeling for him? Does that mean he is losing interest?

A guy I've been talking to for two months asked me this yesterday. I like him but I don't want a relationship right now (mainly because of fear/uncertainty).


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  • It means he still has those feelings but is on the brink of giving up, once he has a confirmation he will give up, why not accept the relationship and go slow, try to talk to him about your fear and uncertainty, i am sure he will accept everything but you don't know unless you try

    • Yeah, I told him and he said he would wait until I was ready. The thing is I feel bad because I don't want to him to be limited. Like he's 23 and I'm 18. I don't want to hinder him.

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    • if you don't say anything then you will make it clear for him that you don't want anything from him, ask yourself this, do you want to be with him? if yes then don't leave the matter unsolved and talk to him, if you don't want... then leave matters as they are, and yes, any guy would feel like giving up when hearing those words

    • Well I just replied back with "well alright" don't know if that was a good reply but whatever. I just hope he still wants to be friends. If not then so be it

  • Could mean a lot of things.
    Could mean that he has met someone else.
    Could mean that he really wonders because he's worried.
    Be honest with him, tell him about your uncertainty and fear.
    If he's a keeper, he will understand.


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  • No, that doesn't necessarily mean he is losing interest.


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