Guys, why would a guy talk to a not-so-good-looking girl acquaintance and not say a word to her pretty friend who she is with?

This guy does stare at the pretty girl when he sees her around but this time he didin't really make an effort to get to know her.
By not good looking I mean really overweight 😂


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  • Maybe he's shy and likes the pretty girl. I'm shy and I do that all the time. A girl I'm not attracted to is so easy to talk to and girls I actually like I get awkward and quiet. Im exactly like the guy you are mentioning as I went through this at my last job. I felt she was way out of my league like she could get any guy she wanted she was that pretty so I just saved myself the trouble of getting rejected.

    • Yeah the guy did sound nervous while talking to the girl acquaintance. Also could be it that the guy did that to make her jealous?

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    • Hypothetically ofc 😃

    • He's insecure maybe about his looks or something else where he thinks he won't be able to please you. But he's definitely insecure. Maybe he's inexperienced. There are things that need to be asked.

  • Personal taste I would say.

    • Haha 😆 I'm pretty sure he's not into big girls.

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    • He never likes her picture on instagram, all the girls picture he likes are skinny models...

    • Perhaps that's all for show!

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