Why was he so annoyed?

Seriously I was talking on the phone and he was like:
Him: where were you? You didn't take lunch?

Me: (on the phone. Wave at him to go away.)

Him: Are you on your phone?

Me: (says my name to the person. Looks at him) Go away! Omg!

Him: (mocks me in a high pitch voice) Go awayyyy!

Me: (laughing)

Person on the phone: mam hold on a bit

Him: If you don't get off your phone I'm going to break it.

Me: whaterever. BYE!

Him: ( walks off)

I can see how annoyed he was by his face. The whole time he had his annoyed face on.
Why did he look so annoyed that I didn't take lunch with them?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Sound like you did it on purpose to get his reaction. I dunno ask him. We are not him sooo I can't tell you.


What Girls Said 1

  • His behavior seems completely juvenile. He's being playful towards you because he may have a thing for you


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