Am I overreacting or would you feel the same way?

So I went to my boyfriends basketball game and then he knows this guy there and I was standing in-between them and all of a sudden my boyfriend decides to tell him that his girlfriend is trying to get at them and I know they use to fuck.. his words were "oh hey Man U know ur ex is still trying to get at me..." and I'm just standing there feeling like an idiot cause he's suppose to be proving to me that he can be a one woman guy.

Am I overreacting or should u feel the same way..


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  • Well... was that solid proof of his one womanship or what? What do you think? Yeah... me too.

    • Me too what? You'd overreact too

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    • My issue is, why waste his time? It's been a year waiting and he could mess around with any girl, why put in the work and have these fights with me and these conversations with me if he really isn't trying to change? People say he acts differently with me but I'm the only one who can see it because all I see is this shit that he pulls. I understand the likelihood trust me.

    • Why waste his time? For the same reason there are so many self aggrandizing people nowadays-ego boost in dragging it out. The first girl thought he could change-did he? The 2nd girl thought it too. Did he? Now you think he might. Is he? There's only 1 common denominator in all of this...

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  • I would feel the same

  • I wouldn't like it either.


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