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  • Average looks and great personality/intellect
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  • Great looks and average personality/intellect
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  • I just went with great looks and "average intellect".

    I don't know how you put personality on a scale let alone intelligence, though maybe we can somewhat reach some level of consensus on what defines a more intelligent person.

    Personalities to me aren't so easily quantifiable. For example, I've known some girls who were very talented who, in their obsessive kind of nature, didn't develop the type of personality that makes it easy for them to relate to a lot of people. Some might consider them to have "bad personalities" as a result. Instead I found it attractive just given their drive and ambition. I don't find it so easy to put personality on a scale like this from "great to bad".

    In any case, I think "great personality/intellect" and "average personality/intellect" is somewhat ill-defined, so given the ambiguity, I just went with great looks.

    • Intelligence is also really ambiguous to me. What kind of intelligence? What field of specialization? Common sense? Social intelligence? Mathematical? Verbal? I don't know what "great intelligence" really means, and I'm not trying to be facetious. Both intelligence and personalities are very complex subjects.

      Meanwhile if a girl is very good-looking to me, that's something I can easily understand -- so I went for that.

  • I don't view women as equals intellectually so I chose looks.


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