Should I give her a chance?

OK men and women, previously, I was in a relationship with a girl for 7 years, or more.. we ended it two years ago, i don't know if im over her or not.. and I haven't talked to anyone else since then.. I was always afraid that if I talk to someone else that she would know and would be mad at me for like going through something with someone else.. anyway I thought I should start with someone else.. and I just started talking to this girl.. and I don't feel like I'm really interested.. she's really nice.. but I'm not interested.. maybe because I have been with someone else so I'm not used to talking to girls.. I mean my ex was the only girl I had a relationship with... so should I go on and try things out with her or not?


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  • Yes give her a chance open a new page


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  • Who is her? Your ex or the new girl?

    • The new girl of course

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    • Man the problem is, I keep comparing her to my old girl, everything she does i compare it to my old girl.. I mean dammit it's like I want to be with someone new but now when it's happening, I don't want it anymore.. she's really nice, I hope it goes well..

    • You'll get over that feeling soon. Trust me don't let it affect you. With time that will go away

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