Are my dating experiences bad because I'm young or is it just bad no matter how old I get?

I'm so tired of dating and men in general. I'm trying not to be bias to everyone but it's really hard when I keep running into liars and people who pretend to like me just for sex. As of right now I can't handle another bad experience. My temper was never this bad before I started getting involved with men. I wasn't this emotional and I didn't worry about shit; now I keep losing my shit because people are shitty. I had my bad experience for the new year and so far I'm done for a few months, possibly the rest of the year. I'm not going to keep letting this negative shit around me.

People tell me it's because I'm young but I think people are just shitty human beings in general. What do you think?


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  • If you're in school right now, then try to join clubs of your interest befriend the people there and hopefully, a nice guy catches your eye. Dating apps seem to be a hit or miss to me. Ask your friends if they know any guys they can introduce you to but take some time to enjoy being single. Even if you have a shitty day just try to do something you love to forget about. Treat yourself, love yourself, put yourself first.

    • Yeah I'm in school but I don't really have time for school simply because I have to work all the time just to pay for it. 😔 I also don't know many people who are interested in interracial dating; I'm black and the school is predominantly white.

      I've been single forever lol. But seriously, it's startling to get to me. I don't understand how people around me get into relationships and I'm still struggling. It shouldn't be this hard to find someone who actually likes me.

    • Nothing is wrong with being single. I'm still single (hope you don't mind me giving you advice though). I guess in time you'll find someone that just clicks with you, but since you mentioned you work, are you on good terms with your co-workers? Maybe they might know someone they don't mind introducing to you.
      As long as you don't mind interracial relationships I think you'll be able to find someone that'll be interested. Just give it time, I know it sucks to wait but if you really want to find someone that you can just click with, it'll take time.

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  • If you're in college right now, it's because college is arguably the worst place to date anyone now a days. Everyone is hooking up in college.

    • I am in college but I haven't dated anyone in college specifically because of hooking up

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    • Yeah that's not what I want especially because women are looked down upon for being sexual with too many people. Not going down that route

    • Well, hey I'll pray for you. Just take a break from dating and don't give up. Good luck

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  • This is why the bible says to wait until marriage to have sex. Then you know the guy is not using you for sex and the guy knows you will not use you for sex.

    • I've heard stories of this happening and people have had terrible sex lives.

    • but they didn't get cheated on or used for their bodies

    • Tbh I'd rather that then resent my partner for being terrible at sex

  • How old are you and where and how have you been meeting guys to date?

    • I'm turning 22 in a few days. I've met guyson the streets and one off Tinder. I don't talk to guys at school because that's a breeding place for all sex and no love.

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    • Sorry I'm just always surrounded by negative men. It's hard to keep a positive outlook when the results are always the same. It's getting to me.

    • I'm sorry. You need a reset button to basically flush all that negative away. Like erasing it from the black board. and just go out there again, for the first time.

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