Should I ask her out?

Is it a good idea? She already knows I like her. But recently, she seems to show signs of reciprocation:
- Gave me a little heart made of wires
- Said "I love you" directly to my face.
- Does some stupid stuff to get my attention (i. e. stealing my phone and spamming it with photos, randomly mentioning my name and if I look over she smiles and begins to laugh.
- Randomly began touching me again, this time, it was resting her hand on my face, for over 30 seconds, she did this in front of my friends.
- Sometimes she randomly stares me down, I caught her doing that two days ago and she just looked away when I caught her.
- Suggests I get a Snapchat (something she uses a lot), and when I said no she just frowned and looked at me in a sad face.

I mean she's a physical person in general but when I see her do it with my friends she only does it briefly, but with me she holds on for a long time (even though I suck with hugging). Then after doing it she looks at me and just gives me a shy smile. I'd like to ask her out but I feel like I've been friend zoned. Should I?


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What Girls Said 1

  • I think she might have a thing for you.


What Guys Said 1

  • Bro I don't think that is the friendzone. Such efforts of hers shows she should like you.


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