Would a guy be put off from talking to me, if I am always at work?

I recently started dating a guy - but we have completely opposite work schedules, he works 9-5, whereas I work a lot more hours than him normally up till 10 pm. Whenever he texts me, I am always working and I do my best to reply and be responsive, normally within minutes.

I do tell him I am at work and when I am having dinner at work, I will reply to him quicker, and talk to him within that hour I have free, but he tells me to eat first and we can chat later, or if I am doing overtime (which is the norm) he tells me to finish work first and we can chat later.

We have really lengthy conversations when we do talk/text, and he told me how he likes that I send him paragraphs of texts and that when I talk/text, I hold a conversation with him really well, even when I am working. A lot of the time, it is him initiating when he is winding down for the evening, but I am still at work a lot of the time. He loves that I am passionate about my job and understands my long hours... but I fear because we are so early in the relationship, he is going to get fed up with it. I really want this to work out between us as I really like him - but I am doing everything I can to talk to him, but he is always so considerate and says "eat first/finish work first".

What should I do? Will he get fed up of it soon?


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  • I really doubt that. I am sure that he can understand that you have a busy schedule as well.


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