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Name your worst tinder date/meet


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  • I've never been on tinder and I would never go on there.

    • And as I saw the notification of you giving an opinion I was like

      "Ohhhh shit, let's see what little T-rex said this time"

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    • Oh com' on 😑

    • Lmao Whaaaa? I didn't even write 2 paragraphs and I got mho.

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  • Been on a few bad ones...

    I once went to dinner with a girl and within the first half hour she told me she was living in a halfway home, had been in therapy since she was 7, and had a "spending" problem (whatever the fuck that is, don't want to stick around to find out);

    I also met a girl once who was extremely nervous the entire time, like she was constantly darting her eyes around, even when I tried to lighten the mood and make her laugh she would immediately go back to that awkward look. Her being nervous made me nervous so I just swigged down my second beer and said "gotta go" after about 45 minutes... then she texted me a few days later, like did you not see that didn't go well?

    I met with a girl who did a lot of acid, sold acid, and get arrested for selling acid. She talked about her enthusiasm for dubstep and just seemed like a total mess. She started snapchatting me and texing me all day every day after one date and would tell her about all this kinky shit she wanted me to do to her, I think the only reason I went on a second date with her was because she was kind of hot and I wanted to just bone her. But on that second date she suggested we play pool (which she demonstrated she had no idea how to play) and kept knocking the balls around leaning over to strike, BUT WOULD NEVER PUT THEM BACK. She's like "Wait... couldn't I just hit the 8-ball in and just win?" Well what would be the point of all the other balls you stupid bitch?

    My most recent one was this Brazilian chick who was in town for Fourth of July weekend, so I met her at a bar. Everything is going fine until she says "I get a little violent when I drink" Uh, wait, what was that last thing you just said? I'm 5'11" she's 5 foot and she's going drink for drink with me. We're dancing at a club for like 2 HOURS and when I'm exhausted and want to leave she just wants to keep going. I usually like to tease girls as a sort of playful thing, guess she didn't like that and she kept saying "STOOOPPP!" and started kicking my shins. At one point
    she even roundhouse kicked me in the throat and said "I am sorry... I am drunk!" So I take her back to the hostel she's staying at and start making out with her because I'm wasted out of my god damn mind, otherwise why would I be doing that with this crazy bitch?


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  • I got on Tinder to just troll any matches I got.

  • Never used it. Does it work?


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