Girls, when does a guy get too close to where you wouldn't date him?

So recently I've noticed that I like to get close to a girl, get to know her and stuff before I asked them out or tell them how I feel, but when I do this, they tell me they just can't imagine dating me, I'm like a big brother, or they don't want to date their best friend. I'm not unattractive (or so I've been told), I'm 6' and about 220 lbs sorta broad with wide shoulders. How do I approach girls without getting too close but still getting to know them well enough to know if I'd like to date them?


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  • Hmm I think you are taking too long to let them know how you feel. I know it's scary to do it so early but honestly even if the girl doesn't like you back she will still be flattered to know you have feelings for her. It's worth the risk in my opinion to open up a little earlier (out of your comfort zone). :)

    • Also if you let her know and she doesn't initially have feelings for you then she will imagine in her head what it would be like to date you and then she will eventually like you (that's what happens to me at least haha)

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    • Honestly, nope. After you tell someone and they don't feel the same way at all it does kinda effect the friendship for good. I know it kinda sucks cus it's awkward :/

    • yeah, I didn't think there was anything. thank you though!

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