Guys, Did you end up marrying the person you never thought you would? Did she motivate you when you couldn't commit bc you were not ready?

Have you ever loved a woman that you could not commit too bc you were not ready and ended up marrying her when you were ready? Did she wait on you by her choice? Did you accomplish your goal with a push from her? Did she motivate you?


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  • When are you women gonna learn? "I'm not ready" is "I'm not interested and never will be unless you just want to fuck."

    • Well when I never wanted to rush things and he was the one who introduced me to his family, paid for my food, went out to public with me to the gym, introduced me to his friends and says he doesn't want to lose me is confusing... explain that? Smh He even played on my brothers basketball team

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    • I don't date unless I'm "ready". You have a lot to learn

    • Good and I have learned that I made him a better person. He has told me that. If he never communicated and was still in the same position before or when he met me. I would have been long gone. I told my sis that I want my wedding to have meaning... that I get married bc we made it. I guess I'm getting what I wished for. I pushed the other guys away without giving them my support. They came back wanting me.

  • majority of users on this site are unmarried and/or too young

  • Not married yet


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