How to stop love/lust/feelings?

So I have strong feelings for a classmate...

Things just didn't work out, miscommunications, awkwardness... and I have to move on with no closure.

I love her, and I built this idea up in my head and I'm having trouble breaking it..

How can I not have feelings anymore?

I was thinking of trying to add her on Facebook to see anything that might break my attraction/feelings for her...

I'm desperate to find something...

Girls Help?
Help Night Time people!


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  • Your feelings will fade away with time. You cannot magically turn them off.

    • Takes too much time :(

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  • Focus on the bad. What mistakes happened cause of her. What don't you like about her. Get up for a few minutes and watch YouTube. Try and keep your mind on what you watched. Watch your favorite episode of something think on that.
    I know that it feels like tour going insane but your not. It is just your brain on love chemicals and it is normal. From your others comments it looks like she already rejected you. Focus on that. In time you will even come to notice that she is not even that pretty.

    I just tried and failed for my female friend and after a few months now I'm noticing just how average she is. Last time I even noticed that her sister is hotter. When you like someone they look better to you than they really are. After a while you will notice how ugly she is.

    Relax and focus on what you need to. Wording about it only makes it worse.
    Good luck getting over her dude.

    • She is pretty ugly, the first day I might her I didn't like her... It's weird thinking about that...

      I got to know her, she seemed like an amazing girl and I fell in love...

      I will try to focus on the bad, even now in person I don't care... but when I'm alone away from her the idea is what I am in love with I guess...

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    • The problem is that they are just feelings they are not love. Your in love at her not with her.

    • Lol confusing

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  • Change your focus

    Stop trying to control emotions directly, it's an indirect process. Same with thoughts.

    Pay attention to your thinking,
    and say things you need to hear in order to die down the lust.

    Don't masturbate to her, that will only make things worst.

    • Will it? I have been jerking it to her for 2 years

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    • Then for future purposes lol

    • I just lust for her... She not even that hot, but I find her so attractive

  • Step 1: Don't be human

  • Oh man...


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