Girls do you think she likes me and I'm going to ask her out do you think I'll get rejected?

so yesterday I sat behind her and I can see her looking at me through the corner of her eye and she was playing with her hair omg and she usually does stare at me no joke and shows a lot of interest in me so today she wasn't here but her friends were and they were looking at me we where at the door and I came closer and her friends looked at me a lot of times I was going to tell her that I like her friend but I got really nervous omg but this also happened a couple days ago they were discussing lunch and her friend was like ask him aka me and she got nervous and my friend was doing the water bottle flip and he said if he made it I like her and she was freaking out her jaw dropped and her friends were like omg I want to tell her friend that I like her should I I want to she shows a lot of interest could she like me


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  • Yes, I think she likes you back. Get some courage and ask her out.


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