Is he interested in dating me or not?

Me and a guy I've been talking to since October talk a lot and he asked for a date a month ago. Later he's came to my house once to see a movie n makeout. He gives me rides home sometimes, he remembers many things I say, he stares, flirts when I send a cute pic, I could keep going. I invited him to eat after work n joked n asked are you inviting me n agreed n is like yea I'm free. also I invited him to my house the week after. We don't text as much anymore but we talk more in person n he will always talk to me no matter what, even by just asking random dumb questions, he will say my name all the time, today when he saw me he looked at me a certain way kinda nervous then looked down n I just gave him a smile. he even dreamt about us kissing not too long ago.
honestly I like him a lot, I've never been that close with someone I could say anything n he never judges me. We probably will be kissing again next time he comes over to my house.
also he's very talkative. He's not a shy person but throughout these months I've caught him staring n tries to act like he wasn't when I catch him or ill say something n he will think about it a lot, like smiling why did u ask that? things like have u had more dreams about me? what r u doing this weekend? he will think a lot then start telling either the same day or next about everything he remembers I've said and liked n questions seeming interested... he does that for some reason


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  • I'd say he's definitely interested. Those are all the things I do when I like a girl.

  • He is not. You are ugly.


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  • Yes, I actually think he is interested in you.


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