Girls, My guy friend needs help, need advice from girls?

This is not regarding my situation with girls. I am busy with law school and have a part-time job on the side, this question is for a guy friend I know. My guy friend is in desperate need to find a girl and wants to get married. I told him it's not that easy and you should not be "finding" one, I told him it's okay to use dating sites or dating apps but take it with a grain of salt because not every girl you meet will be a home run there may be a lot of rejections along the way.

He gets upset that girls don't find him attractive, a few girls made rude comments about his looks, he's not a bad looking guy but he is 5'6, 130 pounds and I know girls essentially like guys who are a little bit taller and muscular but even if a guy does not have the physical attributes his personality should be great then, right? Well my guy friend is shy, is not that talkative, he's not the type to be funny and make a girl laugh and if a girl is not engaged or interested in a guy then obviously she would not want to be on a date with him again and I have explained this to him.

I told him, understand that different girls want different things in guys and he has to be realistic, he can't expect a model to fall right into his lap. I told him that girls want a guy who is assertive, has direction, interesting & etc. What else do I tell him is there any advice from any girls who can chime in on this, have you dealt with any experiences where the guy was not interesting and you had to tell him?


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  • I think all the advice you gave him was correct and you'd have him on the right track if listened to you. He just has to improve himself to the best man he can be, dress well, and initiate conversation with women. Most women can look past looks if he has a great personality, but it doesn't sound like your friend has a great personality. He actually sounds kind of boring and like a downer. If he wants to be with a woman, he has to be a man that a woman wants to be with. Maybe you could teach him how to have a better personality with women (as in learn a few jokes and small talk)

  • You're right he's gonna get it when he leasts expect it, tell him to chill a bit. It is a trial and error thing. The best way to get the right girl is to be yourself, but he has to act to interested in them for them to want to engage. And yes the guy was dull like his fav color was khaki -_- lol. I just kept trying to get him to break out of whatever shell he was in bc he was interested in me, but when he did a little bit I didn't care anymore


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