haven't seen him in a month?

I went away for two weeks to Germany after my last date with him. It was our second date and he admitted he found me beautiful and liked me so much. It made me feel weird to leave him because we just started dating. We talked almost everyday. When I came back he was sick and it's been two weeks now. We talk everyday I just get nervous because it's been a month and he said he'll be free like in the next few days. The month thing got to me but he texts me every day

He's the one who reaches out to me by the way 80% of the time and he plans to see me soon. I'm just worried this hurt our relationship


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  • If you constantly text each other, you will eventually go on a date. If he won't ask you out in the next few days, be the one to initiate it.

  • He doesn't seem interested


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