My gfs ex won't stop bothering her?

okay so my girlfriend gets random texts from her abusive ex and she won't let me do anything about him. Should I go behind here back and deal with the pos?


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  • Talk to your girlfriend about it and tell her to freaking block the dude or something.

    Second, yes. You can go and TALK with him but not fight. please please please do not fight, even if he provokes you, dont fight. Bring your girlfriend along if she's that worried for you, she can wait somewhere watching you two while you do some serious talk with her ex.

    • she can't block him that's the problem and if I did talk to him face to face he would cower down because I tower over him

    • Well then, go hunt him down tiger.

  • i would

    • I'm really thinking about. She just doesn't want me to get arrested.

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