Ok women: put you to the test. A guy wants the number of a gorgeous girl working behind the bar. Give him advice to get it?

Im just curious to see what advice you would give this guy considering "women know women better than men".

Im of the opinion that generally women know shit about this because it's a problem they don't have.

So give specific advice on how he could successfully get her number? Remember, Devil is in the details;)
... poor dude is gonna be burnt and turned into a gag favorite. No support unlike what he could get from Pua's. I sometimes think silence is an answer to itself.


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  • Well when I was out with one of my guy friends he saw a girl behind the bar and wanted her number. I told him to just go ask for it but he was to shy so I went and asked her for him

  • Okay. .. pleasantly greet her and say"hi i like. .. can i have your number?" worst that can happen is that she refuses...

    • That bartender gets that line everyday. She will refuse. I don't want that to happen so easy. So another strategy?

  • Is he handsome?


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