Ask her out (3rd date) she said "I will let you know" what should I do?

Ok so here is the deal, I met a girl ending last year…. We talk via text then we go out 2 times on this month, actually a date per week so far of the year….. So I though, well the things are working so far….. So yesterday I ask her out again (don’t lose the momentum) and she said the she can’t make it the day I give so…. I said to her: tell what day of the week you can and she said actually all week are busy cuz various activities like going out with her father, friends of college, counsins., etc….. So…. I said ok that’s cool what about the next week and she replay :” I will let you know” from that I said ok that’s alright and continued talking until later that night….

Any who…, Should I move on? Or wait? Thoughts? Comments?


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  • You need to chill a bit. She's just busy at the moment. Give her some space to do her own things. Seems like you've been dating very frequently and she needs some time to do her own thing. The fact that she's agreed to go on so many dates with you in the past shows that she's probably into you. But if you keep asking her out every single week she may feel smothered and that kills the romance. Give her some space and wait for her to "let you know".

    • I thought exactly the same... So I shouldn't text her anymore until the next week? We haven't talk since Monday..
      Thanks for the reply

    • Yeah wait till next week then just ask when she's available if you haven't heard from her by then. I think I'm dating it's important to show that you are interested and maintain contact but without coming across as needy. But it's good you haven't texted her since Monday

    • I think in dating

  • lol that's what I told the guy I didn't want to go on a second date with. I never let him know though.
    If she's interested, she's probably just busy. Don't worry too much. It's just a 3rd date. There are other girls out there


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  • I always propose the number 3. In this case, wait three days and then move on.

    • Hi, wait 3 days for what? Try again or see if she text me?
      Thanks for the reply

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    • Woo ok I get it... So far. I have 2 days of not contact her... And nothing I think it will end like you said! :/

    • Well yeah, just wait another day. Well okay, the MOST I would wait for is three days, and then the same day the next week. So if two days ago was Tuesday and she stopped contacting you then, the absolute most I'd wait for is next Tuesday. But that's really it.

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