Does a guy go out with a girl only because he is attracted to her?

If a girl asked you out on a third date (previous two he arranged) would you agree to go on date with her even if you just wanted to go out of boredom or because you were interested in say the movie or event and just wanted to be friends? Or would you only agree to it because you were still interested in her? I'm just trying to work out whether a guy would agree to a date when he just wanted to be friends. Girls do go out with guys to be friends sometimes (though I wouldn't naturally) but not sure if guys would.


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  • The best thing to do is not to think about it, you can't just put things into a category... where is all the fun if you knew everything? Sometimes it's better to let the mystery solve itself and in the mean time ENJOY the presence of others.

    Dont plan things, don't predict things... just enjoy life :) and whatever is good will happen to you, and then you decide if you want to accept it or not. Take it easy child


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  • I think we'll look for companionship of any kind. even with someone we're not all that into, we'll at least have a good time with the event, and like the fact that we don't have to enjoy it alone.

    I think it's a false assumption to believe a guy who goes out with you a 3rd time is definitely interested... but, on the other hand, it's also false to assume he's not interested. you'll need to read his other signs for that. his eagerness to go out with you, for example.

    if he wasn't all that interested, and he was still going, it means someone he IS interested in will definitely take priority.

    My conclusion here is: not enough information... too many variables not accounted for in order to pick up on the patterns of human behavior I'm used to.

    • Thanks. Confused by your 3rd para though...

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    • Ok cool :) thanks for clarification. Well here's some detail. I invited him to a show that costs $70 for one ticket. He agreed to go and I bought tickets for the two of us. He said he was looking forward to it and would pay me back promptly (he had offered to buy the ticket himself initially but I said I would). So due to the expense of the ticket I expect him to show up unless something bad happens...

    • Yeah, if he doesn't, then that's a serious dick move lol. I think you'll find your answer in how long the two of you talk after the show... the length of time you stall before finally getting into your cars and driving home :)

  • He might be lonely and just date for company cause he may not have had a date for a few months or more. Try kissing him and you'll find out if he's into you.


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