Would you date a truly reformed man who had a sexual misconduct/harassment/assault charge prior?

We have all heard recent cases of people who have been caught doing unspeakable acts to women. It's been on the news and social media. Men have become sex offenders, and the media/public has crucified them for it. So here is the scenario. You meet a guy and he is everything you have ever wanted in a man, a few months into dating he drops a bomb. He is a registered sex offender. He was caught and rightfully bought to justice for an assault. He paid his debt to society and he is truly remorseful and repentant, to the point he would lay down his life to protect and prevent a woman from going through what he put a woman through. He tells you if you ever feel uncomfortable around him, he will understand if you leave. Would you give him a chance? Could you?


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  • Was his crime committed against a child?

    • For this scenario, we will just say an adult.

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    • I agree with you on that one.

    • Probably most would.

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