You guys!!! I figured out the secret to attracting girls. Let me tell you what I did different today?

Okay so I normally dress comfortable. A plain t shirt and my hair was just down to my face. Normally, I don't get a lot of attention. just a little.

Here's what I changed.
1. I put in a flannel t shirt (a nice fit one)
2. Got a undercut haircut. it's long on top and on the sides very short (just Google the style. girls love it)
3. I walked straight up around college and girls kept looking and smiling at me!!!

A girl sat right next to me in a lounge so I started talking to her and she seemed very very interested.

a girl bumped into me on purpose. I was standing buying a coke from the machine and she pretended she didn't see me and hit me with her elbow and then turned around and smiled and said "I'm so sorry." then she jogged a little to me and rubbed my shoulder and asked if I was okay. LMAO

I've always been told that I'm okay looking but I took it up a notch. a man's clothes is like a women's make up is basically what I'm trying to convey here.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Sounds like you got it spot on with your appearance we like that a lot. Hair and clothes. Great


Most Helpful Guy

  • Sure. Of course. I can't understand why people don't get his. And you'll here then say in defense, "but I want them to like me just the way I am." Yeah sure. We're talking about initial attraction - it's very important.
    And why girls need a little make up and do their hair - if they're not sure get some help at the local beauty salon.
    For the guys, hit the gym. Make lots of money. Dress a notch up from every other guy where ever you're going to be so you stand out from the crowd.


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  • You are probably already attractive, but yes, different style can make a difference.


What Guys Said 2

  • Bro. It's all about confidence. Lol, what am I saying? If your ugly no girl would want you. You're probably good looking

  • *whew* and I thought you were gonna say you obtained Shemar Moore's charisma, Donald Trump's $, and Mark Wahlberg's abs!


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