Why does he stare at me but not smiling?

Do I take it too seriously? Please tell. (I'm a girl)

So I'm new in this class, and this guy and I have seen each other before at the school cafeteria, and nothing but stares from hallways have happened, for an example when I'm with my friends I have seen him looking at me and then turning back to his own company again, and yes, no smiling from him.

SO, to the thing now. He heard by other people that I changed class bcz everyone was talking about it, so it wasn't like a ''chock'' or ''breaking news'' for him directly lol.

But, when we had the first class togeter, (I'm seventeen btw) we sat with our chairs like a round ring, and the class said their names to me, but when it was his turn, the very first seconds he didn't say his name to me, he just stared at me with NO smile at all, and looked right into my eyes, and then after a few seconds which felt like forever for me, he said his name. (my friend laughed about it bcz she saw the way he stared)

After that name thing, I had this feeling that he was staring at me, so I looked up and he did, but didn't smile and didn't break the eye contact till I looked away a bit and he stopped, but yet.. not smiling.

And No his stares didn't creep me out, what makes me crazy about is WHAT DOES IT MEAN?
Is he interested in me or not?

Because If you guys have a 100% sure answer, then I will now what to do the next time I see him, either I talk with him or ignore if it doesn't mean anything..

PS. Girls at school likes him, but I've seen & heard that he ignores them by not even giving them attention, but what does this mean?


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  • I guess nothing like anon said

  • He is just staring. It doesn't hold a special meaning.


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